About us

Good Karma Farm began in 2004 in Kingfield Maine when we brought home four alpacas and a llama. Since then we've added a small flock of registered Icelandic sheep, and moved the whole kit and caboodle from the mountains to the coast in Belfast Maine. Our goals with our animals have remained consistent- to raise happy, healthy animals with the right kind of fiber for the best yarn. Good Karma Farm has ample pasture, state of the art fencing, and big comfortable barns for the alpacas and sheep.

Our flock of registered Icelandic sheep consists of 14 ewes and 3 rams. We have excellent grazing and due to our coastal location, we are able to keep the animals on pasture for nearly 8 months of the year. Icelandic lamb is considered by many to be the mildest flavored lamb grown. Ours is 100% grass-fed and available to purchase from the farm.

When you visit our farm we invite you right into the barn or pasture with the animals so that you can see what alpacas and Icelandics are like, up close and personal! We list the registered Icelandics that we currently have for sale on our Farm Blog. If you are interested in knowing more about who we have for sale or to schedule a farm visit, please call us at 207-322-0170 or send us an email. We love to talk about our animals!