20,000 Leagues Colorway

20,000 Leagues Colorway


Imagine swimming below the surface of the ocean on a sunny day and looking upward. That's about as good a description as we can think of. Highly variegated shades of blue and green and copper.  Good Karma yarn is 60% fine wool/40% alpaca

Each skein of our 2 ply Worsted weight yarn is 210 yards, 110 grams

Each skein of our 3 ply Sport weight yarn is 400 yards, 100 grams


  • About our yarn

    All of our dyelots are small so please be careful to order enough yarn for your project. If you need help with your order, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email.   

    Care Instructions:  Handwash with mild soap in lukewarm water, wring gently and lay flat to dry.  

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