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United Farmers Market of Maine

About 5 or 6 years ago we started hearing about some crazy guy from Florida who was going to buy the old Mathew's Brothers building in downtown Belfast and open a year- round, indoor farmers market. Hardly anyone was taking him seriously and nearly everyone said there was no way it would be successful. Don't people love to put down the dreamers? We jumped on board early to be vendors simply because we wanted to support what he was trying to do, win or lose.

In March 2016, Paul Naron purchased that building and began renovating. The result was unveiled in the May 2017 grand opening of the United Farmers Market of Maine. Since that Saturday, the number of vendors has grown to over 70 and the crowds have been pouring in. We are there every Saturday at our little farm away from farm booth.

Good Karma Farm market booth

The vibe is fun! All of the vendors work hard to make visitors feel welcome.

3 Level Farm is our "booth neighbor" and they make the most delicious treat on the planet, aptly named a "Joy Unit".

3 level farm

Of course there are numerous vegetable stands. These photos were taken on December 23! There is an incredible amount of local and delicious choices so late in the season. You can imagine what summer is like.

Along with veggies you can find everything from chocolate to artwork to pasta. Knives and cutting boards, bread, and so many local meats and cheeses.

But wait! There's more!! Perhaps the heart of the market is the jaw dropping view of Belfast Harbor from the dining area. What you can't see is the baby grand piano being played by the resident musician for your lunchtime listening pleasure.

Lunch choices include Jamaican, Mediterranean,Pizza, Thai/Laotian (and more that I'm not remembering) and of course local ice cream.

When you're planning your trip to Belfast, try to include a Wednesday and/or a Saturday so you can experience this truly one of a kind market. Paul (that crazy guy with the big dream) would love to meet you!

Paul Naron

For more information about the United Farmers Market of Maine, check out their Facebook page.

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