Welcome to the wonderful world of Circular Sock Machines! Also known as CSMs, the technology dates back to the civil war. Many machines that are currently in use were manufactured at the beginning of the last century. Fortunately, new CSMs are being made right here in the U.S.

Good Karma Farm offers private, day-long classes in the how-to of cranking socks. This is a perfect introduction for someone who is considering the purchase of a new machine or who already owns a machine but has never learned how to use it. Please give us a call

207-322-0170 if you are interested in scheduling your own one-on-one lesson.




Annual Crank-In

Every June, Good Karma Farm plays host to dozens of sock cranking enthusiasts from all over the U.S. and Canada. Called a "Crank-In" , the 4 day weekend is a chance for crankers to get together, make socks, learn new things, and enjoy the beautiful coast of Maine. If you own your own CSM and would like to join us, click below for more information.