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About Us

Yarn and Soap Made on Main St.


Welcome to Good Karma Yarn & Soap, where we're passionate about producing exceptional products! We've been spinning yarn since 2007, and our spinning mill is equipped with an unusual blend of antique and new equipment that allows us to create the highest quality yarns that are truly special. Jim spins all of our yarn, ensuring that every skein is perfect.  Amy takes the undyed skeins and works magic with the dye pot creating a unique palette of colors.


For 13 years, we owned a 40 acre farm in Belfast Maine where we raised sheep and alpacas. In 2021 we relocated our mill to a Main St. location in Bridgton Maine. (For more of our history, see below) We no longer raise fiber animals, but we still rely on other farms for wool to create our worsted, DK, and sock yarns. Our soap-making skills are just as impressive - we've been making soap since 1993, and our soap has developed a huge following all over the US. We started our first soap business in Kingfield as Carrabassett Soap Co, and we've been perfecting our techniques ever since. 


We put everything we have into making our yarn and soap - we're confident that you'll love them as much as we do!


How did we end-up in Bridgton, Maine? 

We are often asked how we got here.   It all started back in 2002 in Kingfield Maine when Amy fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a horse.  The horse didn't exactly work out but we enjoyed having livestock around. Jim came home one day, with a classified ad in hand, excited to announce that he had found emus "free for the taking."  Fortunately, someone else got there before us.  Jim mentioned something about seeing alpacas at Common Ground Fair and the next thing we knew we had 4 on the way.


The soap business began in 1998 in Kingfield Maine as Carrabassett Soap Company.  In 2007, we decided to sell our busy screenprinting and embroidery business and jump headfirst into making yarn.  The first mill was located in Kingfield but we realized quickly that we needed more room for the mill and for our rapidly growing flock of alpacas, llamas and sheep.   We started to look for a property in the mid-coast Maine area and after more than a year we found the perfect place - a former dairy farm in Belfast with 40 acres of field and pasture, enough barn space for animals and a mill and soap making, and a comfy home for us.


Moving is never easy but the task of transporting literally tons of milling equipment, 30+ alpacas, sheep and llamas, beehives, chickens across 100 miles of frozen frost-heaved roads (along with a household of dogs, cats and furniture) was enough for Amy to proclaim "I'm never moving again!  As the saying goes, famous last words!


We loved our 13 years on our farm in Belfast.  In the fall of 2021, we made the momentous decision to sell our beloved Belfast farm and relocate to the charming town of Bridgton Maine located in the western lakes region of Maine and in the foothills of the White Mountains. We found the perfect person to buy our farm and continue the 100+ year history of farming on that land.   


We continue to spin the yarn and make the soap as always and along with our mill we have a small retail space on Main Street in Bridgton Maine.  We've had many questions about the whereabouts of our sheep and alpacas.  We found wonderful homes for all of them.  We are grateful for the 20 years we spent with these incredible creatures and we miss them all!  

We love our new home here in the mountains of Maine.  Please come visit us!

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